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”Finding someone through Brainchild was better than posting on a job board or asking friends. They were able to understand the nuance and found the perfect freelancer, which saved us a ton of time.” – Walter Haas, founder & CEO of Gist

“The experience was positive, simple and Brainchild understood what we needed to fill that gap. We’d be happy to recommend you to other founders anytime.” – Rohan Radhakrishnan, co-founder & CEO of Quarter


Imagine Upwork – but

You'll only receive 1-2 curated freelancers
based on market knowledge, skills and your goals (+ what our team personally think would work)

One-click payments to our freelancers which also helps them to collect points that goes into claiming career support.

An added Brainchild guarantee: if the match does not work, our lead marketer will take over until we find a suitable replacement.


Tier 1 Startup Visa Sponsor

Mayor’s Entrepreneur Semi-finalist
and Citibank mentorship programme recipient


Catalysing the future of non-linear, creative careers.

Brainchild connects progressive teams with emerging creative talent to drive their marketing projects. We generate unique matches based on shared values, interests and skills.First incepted in a classroom of creatives, Brainchild was founded on the belief that there is greater potential for job-creation amongst our creative communities, by first appreciating what they do behind the scenes. It also got clearer that progressive teams and founders enjoyed hiring fresh minds through personal intros — not a CV.

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north stars

Our values

We’re constantly in iteration mode – but as we scour through the fog and face constant change, these are our north stars pasted on our office walls, fridges and stamped in our hearts to remind us of what we do, and how we want to do it.

🧡 Sustainability

Ideas, structures and relationships that don’t waste. Building connections, both internally and externally, for the long term. Taking care and preserving our team the same way we do for our company and customers.

✨ Epic hospitality

An openness and generosity for everyone who comes through our Brainchild doors, virtual or not. Designing our experiences to bring a bit of adventure.

🌱 Humility

Knowing that we are a canvas that will always need change; better and wiser than we are today. Listening, collaborating and constantly disrupting ourselves.